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Powerful Contextual Niche Edits

Niche edits are unarguably among the best link building strategies used by leading websites today. Maybe it’s even the one trick your competitors have been hiding up their sleeves all along, which is why you should also take a step and work with an excellent company like Link Inserts to help you get high-quality niche edits.  Our company has worked with different businesses, both established and startups, across all niches. We have a team of qualified marketers, copywriters, financiers, and digital marketers all who make it their goal to understand every part of your business and come up with an effective niche placement strategy.

Our money-back guarantee

We want to give you the best link building service possible and if you’re not happy with your link then we’ll provide you with a full refund and take down the link.

How It Works

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Provide your niche edit requirements when you place an order.  This allows us to build the best backlink possible.

Check Progress


Once we’ve found a relevant website to get a backlink on, we’ll contact you for approval before we create the backlink.

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Backlink Created

As soon as the niche edit has been created by your approved publisher, we’ll send you an email with your new backlink.

Reach High Authority Blogs

When it comes to backlink quality and power, our niche edits service excels beyond the mainstream. We craft high quality content, which includes relevant information about your business with links that direct people to your website. Our team then negotiates with a relevant blogger to have your niche edit link inserted on their blog, which drives traffic to your website and increases the authenticity of your website.

Our Niche Edit process



Once we receive your niche edit order. We’ll start finding bloggers that best match your niche and have good SEO metrics. These metrics are measured using Moz, Majestic and SEMrush.



We’ll then reach out to these bloggers and see if they’re interested in creating a niche edit to your site. If they agree, then we’ll find the most relevant article to create the backlink on.



Lastly we’ll proceed onto creating the niche edit. Once done, you’ll have a brand new permanent backlink for your website which will then boost your search engine rankings.

What are Niche Edits and why use them?

Niche edits, also known as link inserts, are links added in an already existing article. Mostly, link inserts are added in aged content on authoritative websites in your niche. This is a highly effective link building strategy because it helps to get plenty of link juice from the authority site. Also, you get huge traffic since you have a backlink from a ranking article that obviously receives lots of reads. Additionally, niche edits are relatively easier to use compared to guest posting. You know why? Most influential bloggers are flooded with guest posting requests and are therefore more likely to accept additional links than articles. Makes sense, right? Link Inserts simplify this process by getting you the best sites to publish your links to drive organic traffic and rank higher on SERPs.

Powerful & relevant Niche Edits

It doesn’t make sense to have backlinks from websites outside your niche, as that automatically makes them irrelevant. For instance, if you are a marketing company and you get a pet blog backlink, it’s just not going to work. Our company follows this rule strictly to keep you on the right side of Google’s algorithm. We use top-rated search engine tools such as Moz, Majestic & SEMrush to find relevant and authority websites in your specific niche. We also give our clients the control to choose where the curated links are published. That way, you can take a look at the various options you have and pick the most suitable choice for you based on relevance and traffic.

Which metrics do we look at?

To get effective results out of anything, you must have a propelling guide, and for Us, we choose to follow crucial ranking metrics. We’ve created a massive network of top-ranking websites to make it easier and faster to get niche edits. However, we must check some things before adding any website to our network. Here are the most crucial factors we consider:

Overall domain traffic (SEMrush)

We check the domain’s overall traffic to determine whether the website’s keywords are ranking and hasn’t had any previous Google penalties.


Domain & page authority (Moz)

Domain and page authority is the general measurement we use to see how authoritative the domain and it’s pages are based on it’s overall backlink profile.


 Domain backlink profiles (SEMrush)

It’s important to check which backlinks the domain currently has and whether it’s backlink profile is genuine or has used previous blackhat tactics to gain it’s position.


Trust & citation flow (Majestic)

These metrics help us determine the quality and trustworthiness of backlinks the domain currently has. Balanced trust and citations flows are a great sign of a healthy backlink profile. 

Domain spam score (Moz)

This is another step we take in making sure the domain has genuine backlinks. If the spam is high then we avoid building a backlink on the website.

 C-class IP Address (chrome plugin)

Having too many backlinks with the same c-class IP is an indicator that the website is using blackhat tactics to gain backlinks and is part of a private blog network. We avoid sites with similar IPs.

Considering these factors help us ensure that only high ranking, authoritative and legitimate websites are on our network. That way, we can avoid hurting our clients’ SEO by getting them backlinks from sites that use black-hat tricks.  We ensure the domain has an excellent trust flow to citation flow ratio. For that, we use a high-quality tool like Majestic to get the most accurate website options. Additionally, we understand that publishing niche edit links in a site with huge traffic will help to take your SEO to another level. So, we use SEMrush to get the best-performing sites in your niche and make sure they publish your link inserts.

However, we might be a bit picky when it comes to your website’s traffic. We only work with sites with natural traffic growth because helping you increase your traffic dramatically could show Google you are a PBN website, hence causing penalties. Also, we check your spam score. Therefore, a site with a high Moz spam score is a big NO for us.

Permanent Niche Edits

There’s no worse feeling like getting curated links then finding out later that they got removed and you can’t add them in your link insertion strategy. You can never make any progress if that keeps happening. You’ll never experience that while working with us because we have long-term relationships with the websites in our network. Therefore, removing your niche edit link would be a breach of our agreement. However, if you ever find out your broken link is missing, then don’t hesitate to inform us, and we’ll replace it immediately.

Benefits of using Healthy Links

Links are a vital signal that search engines such as Google and Yahoo use to determine the authority of a website and where it should rank. So, you already understand that having more curated links pointing at your site can help to increase the chances of ranking higher. However, there are other benefits that your site can benefit from effective link building. Here are the major ones:

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Reliable link building

Our link building strategies are the real deal as they have been tested in various niches before and showed excellent results. We mostly start by analysing your company’s competition and doing a gap analysis to determine the domains to target for backlinks.


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Native UK/US copywriters

We only work with Native writers to ensure every published content is top-notch. Our copywriters are also highly experienced in various niches to ensure the final content is accurate and flows excellently.

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 Order completion backlink reports

After completing the order, we email you the brand-new link inserts so you can start using them immediately. All our previous clients have spreadsheet reports sent after every completed order to help keep track of each link, make an SEO report, and improve their SEO strategies.


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Trusted & secure backlinks

We only get you niche edit backlinks from authoritative sites and always allow you to choose the exact websites you want us to work with according to your specific instructions.

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No contracts needed

We understand that you don’t want any complicated relationship that can ruin your link building freedom. For us, it doesn’t matter how big or small the deal is, you never have to sign any contract.

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 24/7 customer support & care

We are always available to our clients. You can reach us via email, Livechat, contact form, or phone and ask about the progress of your order. We care a lot about our customers and strive to maintain high professionalism,

We work with marketing agencies, startups, large businesses, e-commerce, and entrepreneurs, but here is a quick brief of who our ideal client is; marketing managers looking for fast and safe SEO solutions to rank their websites, SEO companies needing help getting quality niche edit backlinks,  companies wanting experts to handle SEO for them and online companies looking to expand their brand.

Why choose our niche edits service?

Pre-approved by you

We let you control the entire process. With link Inserts, we allow our clients to pick where we publish the niche edits. We also let you approve the exact content you want your curated links inserted in before pitching the idea to websites.

Clear communication

Transparency is a huge part of our company. We update you on every step of the process by sending you real-time reports. We also inform you in case we feel the project will take a little bit longer to get it live.

High quality websites and backlinks

We always work with websites with a high DA, traffic and well-written content enabling us to publish the curated links where you’ll get the results you need.

Safe and secure link building

You never have to worry about any risks if you buy niche edit links from us because we only publish niche edits on sites with great reputations, hence avoiding any penalties.

Relevance is king

Relevance. We always pick websites and articles with valuable content and ranking keywords to help optimize your off-page SEO effectively.

Want to see our results?

Case Study #1

Organic traffic results for a door company that just started. Our SEO strategy depended on implementing a strong content marketing strategy and saw them blow from zero to competing with stores like Travis Perkins and Screwfix. They’ve told us their phone rings every five minutes with new inbound leads.

Case Study #2

Traffic for an ecommerce store that was struggling to get organic traffic. The issue we found was their keywords weren’t correctly implemented and needed stronger backlinks. They also initially followed blackhat SEO techniques which we helped them recover from by disavowing unhealthy backlinks.

Case Study #3

Recent traffic for a garden shed company that just started. After two months of doing their SEO we saw them climb the ranks for popular keywords like plastic sheds. Now they’re receiving approximately 500 visitors per day.

Frequently asked questions

All common questions related to our niche edits link building service answered here.

Do you provide niche edits services for all niches?

We have a huge network consisting of websites from many fields. However, some niches might not be an excellent fit for us. But you can always reach out to confirm if you can buy niche edits from us.

Are niche edits safe to use?

Of course. We focus on using the most legitimate SEO methods to prevent penalties that might hurt your website.

Can I create my anchor texts?

Yes. We usually accept your anchor texts if they are great, but always advise you otherwise if we have a better idea.

How long will the link inserts exist on the original content?

Although there’s no exact period, the niche edits should stay put for as long as the content exists. However, if the website owner removes the curated links, then we will undoubtedly replace them for free.

Are all of your link inserts permanent?

Our niche edits should stay put for as long as the content exists. However, if the website owner removes the curated links, then we will undoubtedly replace them for free.


What Our Clients Say

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You’ve now seen how our company handles niche edits, and we hope you were impressed. Therefore, if you are looking for high-quality curated links/niche edit backlinks that won’t disappoint and will deliver the expected results, then make sure to contact us.

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