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There is no fancy definition to this SEO method of ours; it’s as simple as the words suggest.

It is not even a trademarked concept.

Experts in the SEO industry use this all the time to promote and rank their sites.

It is a process of reaching out to bloggers for them to publish an optimised guest-post content with a backlink to the site being promoted.

Now, what makes our system different? We don’t just tap any random blogger out there.

We employ sound metrics and a proven strategy to come up with a list of highly authoritative blog sites where your brand can be effectively promoted.

Blogger outreach is invaluable for businesses striving to have a far-reaching online presence.

It could ultimately lead your site to rank within Google’s first-page result, which is all that matters, really.

#1 Prospecting

A high search engine ranking could translate into increased site trafficwider customer reach, and increased sales.

Our Blogger Outreach can be summarized into four steps: Prospecting, Outreaching, Crafting Content, and Publishing.

We begin the process by hunting for bloggers whose niche best fits your brand or the theme of your campaign.

In order for backlinks to do its wonders, it must come from sites with high domain authority and quality. And this is where our metrics come in.

We mainly use MozMajestic and Ahrefs – highly effective tools in analyzing a domain’s quality– to shortlist potential bloggers.



If you want to know more about the specifics of our metrics, download our ebook on Blogger Outreach.

#2 Outreaching

Once we’ve come up with a list of good quality blog sites, we then reach out to them and try to pitch a topic for a guest post.

You can use outreach tools like Buzzstream or Ninja Outreach to streamline your outreach process.

#3 Crafting Content

If the blogger agrees, we’ll then move on to writing the content.

The content we’ll create will include your chosen anchor link or what is technically serves as your backlink.

Our content creation process also employs the best-practices of on-page SEO.

With our team of seasoned and experienced wordsmiths, you can be assured that your content is unique and will comply with the requirements of the blogger.

You can also expect that the article will be relevant to your niche and will provide value for your brand once published.

#4 Publishing

We will then send the written article to the blogger for a series of revisions and edits. Finally, the blogger will publish it on his/her site.

Once the article is live, you now have a brand new authoritative backlink to your site.


Now, you may be wondering how exactly could Blogger Outreach provide value to your brand?

Let’s get to that.

Why Blogger Outreach is Important in 2021?

Google’s search engine algorithm is ever-changing.

No one is ever going to decipher or master how Google ranks its organic results. And that’s what makes it fair for everyone.

Even a nobody could snatch that highly coveted rank 1 result.

With the right SEO tactics, inching ever closer to page 1 is possible. Among that is a link building.


Simply because the more authoritative backlinks you have, the higher your site’s authority rating will become.

And you know what Google does to sites with high authority rating? It ranks them higher in its search engine results page (SERP).


Google’s algo tells a website’s authority through backlinks.

That one bit is clear to every expert SEO strategist. That’s why they are capitalizing on that.

Which leads us back to Blogger Outreach.

Reaching out to bloggers is an effective way to increase authoritative backlinks.

Today, more than ever, Blogger Outreach is becoming more and more relevant.

Here are other benefits that you can reap with this SEO strategy:


  • It helps your newly indexed content increase its searchability. With numerous backlinks pointing to your site, Googe spiders will be able to discover it faster.



  • You’ll be able to publish content that is relevant to the niche you’re trying to rank in.

And through these blogs…

  • Your brand will be spoken, or even possibly promoted, by tried-and-true influencers who have a wide follower base.

…which, in effect, will…

  • Connect you with your target audience. Thereby, increasing your customer reach.

Also, with our stringent process of selecting domains…

  • You’ll be able to avoid backlinks from spammy blogs; instead, you’ll only get referring domains with impeccable metrics.

Finally, this will…

  • Increase your site’s trust rating as it will be shown as a credible and authoritative source.

What is Considered a Good Blogger Outreach Backlink?

Not all backlinks are made equal.

Some don’t pass on value. A great many can even penalize your site and pass on negative effects for being spammy.

And there are those that are so superior they pass on link juice effectively enough for your site to rank high almost immediately.

So, what does Google consider a good backlink?

Well, there are a lot of factors in deciding whether a backlink is good or not. And here are some of the most important ones.

#1 Trust & Citation Flow

Trust and citation flow are two metrics that we use predominantly to assess the quality of a domain. A quality domain gives a good ranking signal to Google.


Trust flow measures the trustworthiness of a domain. The higher the trust rating, the better the domain is in terms of passing trust signals.

Citation flow, on the other hand, measures how influential a site is. The more backlinks and citations from other domains a site has, the higher its influence.

In order to capitalize on these two metrics, Healthy Links uses a tool called Majestic. This tool gives out a score for the trust and citation flow metrics between 0-100.

Again, if you want to know in detail how we use this tool, download our eBook on Blogger Outreach. Everything is discussed there.

#2 Low Spam Score

Google hates sites that have blackhat/forced backlink profiles.



MOZ has a spam score feature to determine a website’s spammy potential. A score of more than 10% is too much, and, therefore, should be avoided.

A site that has a high spam score means that it should be completely avoided.

#3 Domain Age

The age of a site is another signal that Google uses to determine how much authority it can pass on. The older the site, the better it is to tap for backlinks.

You’ll get the most optimal backlinks from domains that are more than 2 years of age.

The best way to see how old a domain is by looking at when it was registered on WHOIS.


#4 Well Optimised Website

A website that is optimised for SEO purposes is ranked higher by most search engines.

A well-optimised site conforms with the following:

  • Creates killer content relevant to its niche
  • Has a keyword rich meta description and alt-text for its content
  • Has a speed optimised website that has a high Google PageSpeedscore
  • Implements all of the keywords optimally in the sites meta title and description, headings and content
  • A well connected site with lot’s of internal linking

#5 Has Traffic

A backlink from a site that has no traffic is worthless. You can check if a website has traffic using Ahrefs or Semrush.

If you analyse a site using one of these tools and it comes up with little to no traffic then that means they’re not ranking for any of their keywords.


We consider a good backlink to have 1k+ traffic but it also comes down to the DA of the site. If a site has a low DA then expect the traffic to below.

But if you’re looking at a 60 DA website that has no traffic then avoid getting a backlink from there.

#6 Anchor Text

An anchor text is a text where a clickable hyperlink is assigned. It is used to link one page to another for citation or reference purposes.

Usually, anchor texts are contextual in that they offer an idea of what information users might find on the linked site.


Search engines use anchor texts to determine what a website is all about. As a rule of thumb, the chosen text must be descriptive, relevant, and useful.

You can include your keywords inside your anchor texts but don’t make it salesy as that falls under blackhat.

The safest, and best approach, are branded anchor texts. So literally use your website’s name as your anchor text.

This way your brand gets out there and Google will start noticing it being spread.

My opinion is that links should also provide value to the article, and by value, I mean the reader actually clicks on it.

#7 Surrounding Text

This is actually a recent update on Google’s backlink indexing. Now, the value that a link passes on is increased by having relevant surrounding texts.

Including a partial match of your anchor text in the paragraph will improve your links relevancy.

Say for example your anchor text is “Blogger Outreach.” A good example would be below:


Not only did it include the main keyword, but the brand (in this case, Healthy Links) and the service it provides was also part of the text itself. Now, this reads more specific and right off the bat provides readers a general idea of the content.

#8 Content Relevancy + Originality

Content is king, that’s what Bill Gates wrote an essay about in January 1996 detailing where most of the money will be made on the internet.

That is an un-contestable fact in today’s highly competitive search engine ranking war.

The more relevant the content of a site is to its niche, the more authoritative it appears. And that signal can be picked up by Google’s algorithm.

To be on top of the game, quality sites focus their efforts on creating original, highly informative, and SEO-optimised content.

The value that original content provides couldn’t be stressed enough.

Plus, you should avoid any kind of content spinners.

What is Link Juice?

Link juice is simply the value in terms of ranking signal that a site passes on to another site.

This is done through backlinking or internal linking among your web page’s content.

Let’s say for example site X links to site Y, then link juice is passed on from site X onto site Y. That “juice” is what will shoot up the page ranking of site Y.


The more links from external domains and other web pages site Y gets, the more juice it receives. And the more link juice, the more likely it will rank in higher pages of Google search results.

Be aware, though, that there are good link juice and bad link juice. Remember when we said that not all backlinks are created equal?

Well, that’s because some backlinks hardly pass link juice at all. They are called nofollow links.

Nofollow Vs Dofollow Links

Nofollow links have an HTML tag of rel=“ nofollow” to it. And that tag tells Google spiders not to search it.


HTML example of a nofollow link.

You can also use a Google Chrome plugin to check if a link is dofollow or nofollow. Ones that are nofollow will have a dotted red box highlighted around them.


A red dotted box appears when a link is nofollow.

They are virtually un-crawlable and Google search bots just ignore them. Because of that, they do not pass on good link juice.

Usually, they are links to pages that are paid, spammy, shady, or downright totally untrustworthy.

In short, they don’t impact search engine rankings.

Backlinks that pass the almighty juice, on the other hand, are called dofollow links.

They are crawlable and discoverable by Google search engine bots. These links tell the bots to follow the link until the end destination for indexing.

Dofollow links are essentially what you want to accumulate to have a strong backlink profile.

If you’ve been keeping notes so far, you’ll know that Healthy Links only finds the best links that could pass on the juice.

Again, with our metrics in place, we only strive to get backlinks from highly authoritative and niche-relevant blog sites.

Second Tier Linking and the Potential It Gives

Okay, now that you’ve understood how a blogger outreach backlink works to your site’s advantage, let us now move on to another strategy that will further the results notches higher.

Your SEO efforts shouldn’t stop once we’ve delivered your live dofollow backlink.

One thing that you can do on your own is to engage in second-tier linking.

The practice of building links is to give as much authority to your site as possible.

The backlink that we built for you? That’s called a first-tier link.

A first-tier link is a website link that directly links to your website. In your case, a guest post with your backlink within the content.

By translation, second-tier links are links directed to your guest post content that contains the link to your website.


Tiered Link Building

This gives more authority to your backlinks, allowing them to pass more ranking signals to your money page.

Plus your 1st tier link will rank higher on SERPS allowing more traffic to come to your site.

Now, how do you do a second-tier link building for your Blogger Outreach backlink?

Our method is to add a secondary link to our guest posts, one to the main clients site, and one to a previously published article.

I also recomend sharing your content on social media and looking at WEB 2.0s.

I recommend doing second tier links to high authority backlinks, so links that are 50+ DA. As that way you’ll get the most of that backlink.

Backlink Velocity

Talking about link building and second-tier links, there is actually a term used to measure the amount of link your page or site is getting at any given time. That is is link velocity or backlink velocity.

In other words, it is a measure of the rate at which you are generating backlinks.

It could be seen as your link growth over time.

Ideally, what you want is for your Blogger Outreach backlink to get linked to by more and more sites as it matures.

Link velocity is another ranking signal used by Google bots.

A steady growth in link velocity is seen positively by Google. Whereas a fluctuating velocity trend is a sign of link manipulation and could be penalized.


As a rule of thumb, new sites or sites belonging in a low competition only need to build on the link at a lower frequency.

On the other hand, for more established sites who have existed for years, maintaining a high-frequency link velocity is required.

How Long Should You Wait for your Healthy Backlink to Make Results?

At this point, you now have a clear understanding of how a Blogger Outreach backlink from Healthy Links works as an off-page SEO drive.

Also, you now know the bigger picture of how backlinking from authority sites pass on link juice to your own site to effectively increase its Google ranking.

After we deliver to you a live guest post backlink, the seed has already been planted.

How long, then, does it take for it to flourish?

The link has to be indexed first by Google spiders before it drives traffic to your site. It takes quite some time for it to appear in Google’s cache as there are literally millions of new pages being created every day.

There’s a little trick that you can do to know if the link has been indexed already. So be sure to try that out.

Based on our experience, it could take an average of about a month to see significant changes in your site’s traffic. But if you pair our Blogger Outreach strategy to your own digital marketing campaign, you can reap results in as early as 2 weeks.

To check if your traffic is improving, you may use tools such as Ahref’s and Semrush.

These tools provide clear analytics of your site’s traffic.

Both tools can also be used to check if the position of the keywords you’re trying to rank in have gone up.

Alternatively, you can use Google Search Console to check your keywords ranking analytics.

To get even better results, do not forget to scale up your backlink velocity by creating more 2nd-tier links to your Blogger Outreach backlink to get the most link juice out of it!


The significance of Blogger Outreach in today’s SEO best practices cannot be stressed enough.

This is especially true since Google Penguin consistently puts forth changes in its search engine algorithm.

Strategies that may have worked years back are no longer applicable in 2019.

The point is, your ranking is not assured if you don’t keep up with the pace.

And blogger outreach is a white hat strategy that has stood the test of time.

It has always worked well, and in our opinion, it will always work well because it’s all about creating great content.

Authority backlinks establish your site’s authority in its niche.

We have dedicated ourselves to giving our clients only the best sites to build on.

Feel free to get in touch for whatever queries you might have. Contact us we’ll be happy to answer all your questions. You can also message me through our live chat app.


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