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SaaS (Software as a Service) consists of many companies, including sales CRMmarketing automation, document signing, SEO tools, and many more. With all these companies in the market, the competition is also insanely high. So, you must really fight your way through the stiff competition in the industry today to appear at the top of search results.

One area that you must conquer is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which means you need effective link building tactics. Most people love using link building because it has proven its efficacy and reliability in building high-quality links and helping you rank higher on Google search results.

If you have been researching the best ways to do link building for SaaS companies and are still confused about what can really work for your company, then this piece is for you. We will show the crucial steps you need to follow to perform effective link building for your SaaS company in today’s post. Keep reading.

1. Define Your Target Pages

Doing this allows you to determine which pages are more valuable to your business than others. When you see a page ranking high on Google, that does not mean that it has many high performing pages. Therefore, instead of focusing on your underperforming pages, why not put more effort into the ones providing the most commercial value? Doing so has enabled many renowned SaaS companies to achieve high success levels in link building and SEO in general.

Every page usually has a specific purpose. A page may be meant for lead generation, customer education, backlinks, social shares, or organic traffic. So, the amount of effort you give a certain page should be determined by its commercial value. For instance, if a page’s purpose is to help you get retweets and social media shares, you shouldn’t give it so much attention. Instead, amplify the pages that can drive traffic to your website and increase sales.

After defining the pages that are more crucial to your business, now divide them into two categories: 

  • Content pages


  • Commercial pages


As the name suggests, content pages are pages you use to educate people through articles or blogs. Commercial pages, on the other hand, aim to increase your sales. However, a page can fall under both content and commercial categories.


2. Prospecting

After defining your pages, now start looking for great link building opportunities. There are different ways to do this. The best and most effective methods include guest posting, content promotion, list posts and comparison guides.

Let’s discuss them further, shall we?

1.      Guest Posting


Guest posting, also called guest blogging, involves writing content to be published on another website in your niche. In return, you get a high-quality backlink to your website, giving you lots of exposure and, therefore, boosting traffic to your SaaS site. If you are a new SaaS company, you should consider this method because it provides fantastic results for new businesses.

To use this tactic, you must reach out to editors, influential bloggers, and webmasters and request a guest posting opportunity. You should contact relevant websites in your niche to make sure the backlink you get will provide excellent value to your website. Also, guest posting enables you to build great relationships with different bloggers and editors, making it easier to get even better opportunities in the future.

2.      List Posts and Comparison Guides


You could also look for lists and comparison guides online and request your product to be added to the list. This technique is fantastic because it allows you to put your business in front of a bigger and relevant audience. So, when people search for any services you usually offer online, your company appears as one of the highly-recommended options. However, your product or service must be known to get the best results from lists and comparison guides. Therefore, if you have already established yourself in the market, it can be effortless to get featured in such posts.

3.      Content Promotion


This is the promotion of content to webmasters and influential bloggers to see if they can link back to it. You require top-notch content to use this tactic since many people have probably written on the same topic, and yours, therefore, needs to stand out from the competition. You could include some high-quality infographics in your articles or blogs to help make them more unique and increase the chances of getting linked to.


3.     Qualification

Now that you have a list of potential websites and bloggers you can reach out to, it’s time to select the most suitable ones. You should not get links from just any website. It’s crucial to consider factors such as topical relevance, Domain authority (DA), organic traffic, and URL rating to help determine if a site will provide you with a valuable backlink. However, you must also consider a website’s potential for future collaboration in activities like guest blogging on each other’s site, webinar co-hosting, and sharing valuable content on each other’s email lists.

Also, remember the following tips when qualifying potential SaaS websites:

  • Don’t go for top-rated sites to avoid wasting plenty of valuable time when chances of your request being accepted are minimal.
  • Don’t reach out to websites with poor designs. If a site has a poor design, visitors’ chances of reading through your entire guest post and following your backlink are pretty low.
  • Ignore results from Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Applying all the above tips will help ensure you get a valuable link that can send significant traffic to your website, pass on link equity, and enable some pages on your site to rank higher on relevant search results.

Applying all the above tips will help ensure you get a valuable link that can send significant traffic to your website, pass on link equity, and enable some pages on your site to rank higher on relevant search results.

4. Outreach


The final step is to contact the different bloggers and webmasters that you have considered fit for your link building campaign. You need to email your pitch to these prospects, which can be tricky if you don’t have their email addresses. Luckily, you can use tools such as Respona and Hunter to help you fetch email addresses from any website.

When reaching out, be honest with the prospect about your intentions. This will help to build trust from the start. Also, don’t promise mentions or backlinks if that is not part of your link building campaign. Lastly, wait until your request is accepted and the article published, or you’ve received the backlink before asking for future collaborations.

The outreach stage is crucial as it determines whether or not your request will be accepted. Sometimes, your guest blogging request may be rejected, or you might even get a negative response. When that happens, just remain positive and respond professionally. Then, move on to the next prospect.


Link building is the same concept across all industries, but people’s exact methods usually differ depending on their specific goals. In today’s post, we’ve discussed the best ways to do link building for SaaS companies. If you carefully apply everything that we have discussed today, you will have a higher chance of achieving your desired SEO results. We would also advise you to try different link building techniques and see which ones work for your company. That way, you can develop a customised link building campaign that will suit your SEO needs.



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