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Link building isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Simply put, you need to build external connections for your business to have maximum exposure.

Like any other website or business, law sites also need link building to reach a higher audience, increase traffic, and appear at the top of relevant search results. For this matter, you need to have some killer link building skills. For those of you who are new to the concept, backlinks are hyperlinks from one web resource (site, page, or web directory) to another and these backlinks can be thought of as votes from other websites. Considering how demanding the law niche is, you must apply excellent tactics to get great results without wasting your time and resources.

If you have been wondering how to build links for your law site, today is your lucky day. This article will show you the best methods to build high-quality backlinks for your law website.

1. Start or Update Directory Listings


Directory listings are usually an excellent place to include your website to help get more exposure and traffic. Adding your name, address, and phone number in a popular directory listing also proves your credibility to Google.

Even if you’ve used directory listings before, it’s possible that you may have never tried some of the best legal directories on the Internet today. Here are the highly-ranked ones that you can check out:

There are other legal directories that you usually join based on geography, achievements, and practice area. Such directories don’t offer much traffic, but they are great for maintaining your website’s relevance.

2. Guest post


Guest posting is another link building technique that you should definitely try. Even though it has been notorious for spam links, this method gives you the best targets when applied correctly.

To use this method, you must first conduct some research and find some high-ranking websites in your niche. You can then reach out to them and request a guest posting opportunity. Most websites usually accept guest posts, but it all depends on the webmaster. 

If your guest posting request is accepted, you must create high-quality content that’ll make the readers want to visit your site for more. The stellar content will also be beneficial to the site’s audience, making it a win-win situation. That way, even the next time you need a guest posting chance, the webmaster will say yes.

Always make sure that the site you’re writing for has a valuable reputation and will not bring your name down in any manner, and that your contribution will add more value to it.

You need to remember that if your content is directed only towards backlink creation instead of being informative, it would be easily identified. This means you will not be getting any sort of SEO benefit from it. And in case of a content with stuffed keywords, Google will penalise your creation.

3. Create and Promote Your Content

This is one of the most straightforward techniques. All you have to do is write amazing content that will bring your website in the eyes of a large spectrum of audience.

Your website needs top-notch content to help you effectively reach your target audience. So, ensure you regularly publish valuable content on your blog. That way, your target audience can see that your website is very resourceful and therefore recommend it to other people, bringing in even more traffic. 

Also, add some social media plug-ins to your content to make it easier for the readers to share it on different platforms. This makes the content reach more people, some who might even be fellow bloggers looking for quality content to link to. You could also add some interesting images to your articles. Unique images usually make your content more engaging, compelling people even to share it more.

4. Sponsor local events


The key to building links is to build a trustable connection. You need to sponsor the events that can earn you the deserved exposure, such as an educational event, a non-profit fundraiser, a conference, or even a local sports team. Not only will you have a chance to contribute to a better society, but also obtain the opportunity to create a positive difference for your firm’s image.

The hidden bonus of such a sponsorship is to have the opportunity to create links with other sources as the company will post all the sponsor links on its website and social media platforms. You may even share it in a local newspaper to have a chance to develop links other than the ones limited to your circle.

Obviously, you’ll have to keep up similar standards when applying directory linking or guest posts. You need to keep in mind that a smaller organisation will not have the same impact as a national directory will. The reason is that it would have a smaller target sector and hence, inadequate outreach. 

5. Contribute to related publications

It is important to create links through relevant or local publications. If you wish to make your mark in the legal industry through valuable backlinks, the smart move is to make your way through the articles published related to your area of practice. You can write in a local newspaper to publish an informative legal column.

However, you need to be sure of everything you write. There are a number of legal directories that let attorneys contribute, but there are very few that actually follow the links mentioned in the publications. Moreover, many newspapers keep the links hidden that the search engines cannot reach, and therefore, they do not tend to add any value to your business resulting in zero SEO benefits.

This strategy is not restricted to shallow advantages only. You need to see the bigger picture. Everyone wants to earn quality links, but this strategy promises to deliver beyond that. It develops sound credibility for your law firm, providing you with great referrals from the attorneys who read your legal article or any publication you contributed to. It enables you to portray yourself as a valid legal authority in any community.

6. Get Yourself Recognised


To stand out from the crowd is an exceptional achievement. When you receive some sort of recognition or award from your sector of practise area, the local bar association, a non-profit that required you to go the extra mile, or your Chamber of Commerce, you steal the spotlight in the legal world.

While such recognition makes you proud, it also brings you valuable connections from recognised law associations and people. It enhances your chances of being known by a broad audience and amplifies your firm’s voice by a considerable degree.

Many people consider these awards to be dependent on fate. It might be true to some extent, but considering them totally out of one’s control is wrong.

Even though the final decision is not predictable, you can still get the nomination for them from someone in your circle. For instance, alumnae awards, getting yourself in Super Lawyers’ directory, any sort of “person of the year” awards and many others. Your marketing team of the law firm needs to be super alert for any such opportunity that might pop anytime.


Building backlinks for law websites might be tricky sometimes, especially when you are not sure which techniques are best for you. This article has discussed a few result-oriented tactics that can help you in building high-quality backlinks today. Make sure to follow them carefully to get the results you desire.


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