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Effective ecommerce sites are incomplete without link building SEO.

Ecommerce link building SEO allows business sites to appear higher in search engines, like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. This kind of business has boundless potential, especially in the year 2021. The previous year saw massive propagation of online businesses because of the global lockdown due to COVID-19. Many businesses are now forced to shift their operations to virtual platforms.

Ecommerce sales will continue to rise in the coming days. If you wish for your business to attain a higher rank on a search engine and earn big bucks, you must get creative with your ecommerce link building strategies. Your backlink profile has a powerful influence on your ranking.

8 Ultimate Strategies for Ecommerce Link Building SEO

The ecommerce link building SEO strategies for an online store are generally different than other sites. Ecommerce sites present different challenges, architecture, and composition that you need to tackle.

That’s why we have presented a few tried and tested methods that will help you engage a few challenges in ecommerce head-on. Use the following eight effective link building strategies to build links for your ecommerce sites.

1. You Need to Create Linkable Content

Adding a blog section to your ecommerce website, in addition to the product pages, is an excellent way to get links for your ecommerce link building campaign, as well as carrying out content marketing. You can create engaging content about your products/services and perform outreach to urge people to link back with it. You can even pass on your referring domain’s positive effects towards higher converting pages by linking out to them.

The Content is, as it has always been, the King.

You need to compose the kind of content that will attract links to your website and entice your target audience. It will help immensely in content marketing as well as raising your domain authority. A simple method of finding likely topics is by searching for competitors in Ahrefs. You will be able to see which pages have the most referrals in the section called “Top Pages by Links”. This search will likely give you a list of possible assets.

High quality content is one of the best methods to attract the attention of readers. While creating it, you must remember that your content should be better than your competitors. It must have something truly unique and attention-grabbing. This will increase the possibility of people preferring to link with your content compared to your competitors’.

You can follow the simple guidelines given below if you wish to create impressive content for ecommerce link building SEO;

  • Always create original content. Make sure there is no plagiarism, even unintentional.
  • Create strong and attention-grabbing headlines.
  • Your content must be actionable for the readers, not a mere theory.
  • Your content must carry the answers to the popular queries regarding your niche or topic.
  • Make sure that all information contained in your content is accurate and verifiable. This will increase the trustworthiness of your content, as well as the authority of your ecommerce website.
  • Add images, videos, and other engagement tools to keep the reader hooked; especially, on the home page.
  • Do not go on tangents. Be direct in your deliverance of information. People are impatient and likely to exit the page if you do not get to the point quickly enough.

Once you have your content, you can perform outreach to encourage people to link with your page. You can use Ahrefs to search for the sites that link to similar content. You can send them an email highlighting your resource. This is one of the most essential methods in carrying out ecommerce link building campaigns.

2. Incorporate Various Linkable Assets

You can create your own assets with the sole purpose of attracting backlinks, especially from other websites in your niche. This is another great way of engaging an ecommerce link building strategy. Review the following to understand what it means by linkable assets;

Tools and Widgets

Online tools, widgets, and calculators have the potential to contribute a lot in ecommerce link building SEO. They represent a mighty list of assets to attract referring domains, especially when combined with targeted outreach for building links. Following are a few tools that you can use as good examples;

  • Alcohol By Volume – ABV Calculator
  • Grammarly – For grammatical or linguistic errors in the content
  • Smartsupp – To implement live chat
  • Servio – To conduct surveys

You only need a little bit of creativity to generate the idea. You do not necessarily need to create complicated contents. A simple widget that is likely to attract attention will do. You can also get the rights reserved for your property.

Detailed Guides

Detailed guides on particular topics relevant to your specific niche will significantly help in ecommerce link building SEO. A well-written guide helps increase organic traffic from Google search results. It will also increase your reputation and authenticity on online platforms. Incorporate the following points in your guide to make it impressive;

  • Select a specific reader’s problem you wish to solve
  • Incorporate key characteristics of your product/service
  • Highlight the benefits of your product/service
  • Include the advantages and disadvantages of using certain products/services

You can incorporate visual guides, tools, infographics, and video content to enrich your guide and contribute towards ecommerce link building opportunities.

Publish Reports and Original Research

Original research in a specific niche is likely to increase your ranking and generate numerous backlinks. You do not need anything complicated to research. It can involve a simple survey about something specific to your niche. The published results and hard numbers on your product pages will generate interest in your website.

Publish Top Lists

You can create a list of the best websites, blogs, products, services, widgets, calculators, category pages, and much more on your specific industry or niche. These lists are an excellent way to get backlinks, especially if you share the list with included websites. Moreover, you can use specific badges of honour for the top of the list entries and give them your stamp of approval. Major SEO experts agree that lists are an excellent way of gaining backlinks and organic traffic.

3. Incorporate Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


FAQs on separate or product category pages represent one of the best resources that provide solutions to your niche problems. They carry a very high backlinking potential. However, they tend to attract links for ecommerce link building in a somewhat different manner.

You may perform outreach with the FAQs, even if it is not the most efficient way. Instead, your aim must be to rank well in a search engine result for the long-tail keywords on specific topics. It will rank and allow your content to be displayed when people search for particular queries involving said keywords.

FAQ pages automatically carry a high visibility potential in terms of devising an ecommerce link building strategy. These pages are naturally meant to help solve the problems that people are most likely to encounter. That’s why they will likely share your pages on niche forums, social media platforms, and even use them for blog posts.

4. Carry Out Niche Edits

Ecommerce link building SEO effectiveness can increase with niche edits. They are simple to carry out. You may start by a simple Google search for content that is relevant to your product/service. Reach out to the webmaster or the site owners and ask permission to insert a link to your website in their content. This will allow you to engage in building links.

For example, an ecommerce store that trades in roof window outlets could reach out to websites with blogs and articles about interior lighting, interior designers, remodelling etc. This will allow the said business to carry out ecommerce link building.

Keep in mind that you will almost always have to make payments for the acquired links. Despite the costs, you can still use this method to generate a positive return-on-investment (ROI) because of the speed of acquiring links.

Since it comes down to your budget, you can acquire as many links as you want as long as you can justify paying for them. Be careful when approaching publishers, bloggers, and webmasters. Make sure your target websites are not spammy. Otherwise, your ranking for ecommerce link building will suffer simply by virtue of association.

5. Engage in Digital P.R.

Engaging in digital P.R. is an excellent method of engaging in ecommerce link building with high-authority websites. You can also run a robust campaign on social media. However, it is not so easy to properly pull off. It would be best to generate a story or a narrative that will grab attention from the press. You must develop the ability to build relationships with editors, journalists, and bloggers.

Many popular brands engage in a variety of P.R. tactics for articles advertisement. Some highlight the social issues in local communities; others engage in non-profit work to gain positive repute.

Following are the four easy ways to build ecommerce backlinks with digital P.R.

Release Interesting or Crazy Products

Sensationalism is the basic principle behind getting massive success from digital P.R. in a very short time. Release an attention-grabbing product/service that is certain to catch the public attention. You can even engage in video marketing. This will help in building links for ecommerce link building. Amazon is filled with crazy selling products that get tons of sales, reviews, and backlinks. Take inspiration from them and bring your own ideas to life. Remember, it only takes the right idea to become the next billionaire.

Do Charity Work

Charities, NPOs, and NGOs generate a massive amount of backlinks. You can be assured that whatever you spend on charity, you will regenerate shortly. You can promote your own charity, or you can engage in community outreach efforts with pertinent publications. This will allow you to build links for your ecommerce sites.

Doing charity work will not only help generate links for ecommerce link building but also raise the profile of your business. People are more inclined to trust those who carry out philanthropic efforts.


Marketing can play a critical role in the success of a product or a business. The right type of advertisement can make an ordinary product look great and sell like hotcakes. Many advertisement experts engage in the use of certain gimmicks that are sure to become instant hits.

There is a general rule in marketing you might have heard, ‘there is no such thing as negative publicity’. People, brands, products, or companies become famous overnight because of absurd stunts. This kind of marketing is not always feasible for long-term success. However, they can certainly make your product a hit overnight and flood your message boards with overwhelming traffic. This kind of sensation wanes over time, but by the time it does, you will have already made millions.


You can get backlinks by featuring your product on website roundups. You can search for specific websites and blogs that cover your niche. You can then contact the roundup publishers also to publish your product in the future articles.

You may have to pay the costs for placement, or even send out your product to pertinent fashion bloggers. However, it will be worth it for the sheer exposure your products/services are likely to receive. It will undoubtedly result in potential customers, organic traffic, and valuable ecommerce backlinks.

Make Use of HARO

There are services like HARO that represent a marvellous way of gaining traction for your ecommerce stores. On these platforms, the journalists from large publications look for inspiration from impressive business owners or industry leaders. You can piggyback on their interest and gain valuable recognition, resulting in many backlinks.

These services also allow you to filter your requests for a specific industry. This segregation will enable you to answer only the relevant requests for your products/services.

Offer Discounts and Special Offers

By offering discounts and special offers, you can get many backlinks for your ecommerce business. The only thing you cannot avoid is backing out of an offer once it’s made and accepted.

Many online platforms, such as Shopify, offer occasional discounts to renew public interest or gain traction for new products or brands. You can make special offers to customers that sign-up or make a purchase. People always look for discounts; it is fundamental human nature to look for greater gains for minimal effort. Exploit this opening with wisdom, and you can get countless purchases, organic traffic, and of course, valuable backlinks for ecommerce link building.

6. Develop an Affiliate Program

You can increase your sales and invite more people to visit your website by developing an affiliate program as part of your effective link building tactics.

Choosing the right affiliate partner is the first step. It can allow you to get links from high quality websites. These links will also go on your product page.


Once you have chosen an appropriate partner, the next tricky step is selecting the right affiliate program. Your program must demonstrate to your partners  that it has the potential to make good money. It can help you generate revenue by;

  • High percentage payouts
  • Sufficiently large search volume
  • A website that converts the visitors into customers at a high-rate               etc.

Rest assured, if you can prove that your program is profitable, partners will flock to your website. You will easily find willing parties for sharing a link to your website. Continue to produce significant returns for the publishers. They will automatically find encouragement to keep writing about your brand.

7. Acquire Influencer Product Reviews

It would help if you looked for ways to acquire sponsored reviews for your products/services or brand. It is a good way of gaining ecommerce backlinks for your website. The simplest method of getting links through a review is to contact famous bloggers or high quality websites that cater to your niche and request them to review your product.

Obviously, they will ask for something in return. What that would be will depend on the website or the blogger. New bloggers are often content with writing a review free of cost or in exchange for a product or discount.

However, a larger publisher will ask for a monetary reward. The larger the influencer is, the more they cost.

Please note that Google compliance is critical when it comes to reviews for the sake of ecommerce link building efforts. You must comply with the regulations, clearly mark the sponsored reviews or posts, and post a ‘nofollow’ tag on the link.

For the ‘dofollow’ links, you must find the websites that are willing to review your products or services and include them.

Keep in mind the site in question must not mention that it has been encouraged by you (the manufacturer) to post the review. It should not feel coerced. It must give the impression to the reader that genuine users have written it.

A good example: Nike is one of the most renowned companies in the world of sports. Hundreds of websites run reviews on their products whenever they are released. Nike itself does not need to pay other websites or bloggers to write reviews for them; they do that of their own volition and without monetary encouragement. You can study those reviews as a template and try to replicate that style for your brand.

8. Link the Unlinked Brand Mentions

While mentioning your brand in a blog post, people typically link that mention to you. However, sometimes people may forget to add that crucial link that redirects towards your landing pages. By finding out such a happenstance, you may reach out to the webmaster or the site owners and request them to add your website’s link. Most of the times, the webmaster, website owner, or blogger will be happy to do so.

You can set up a Google alert for your business via email address. It will promptly inform you when someone has published a webpage which carries your brand name. You have the option of adjusting the alert settings by the;

  • Type of source
  • Language
  • Region
  • Frequency of receiving an email etc.

This is a good way to gain easy backlinks for your ecommerce business by looking out for unlinked mentions. However, this method of ecommerce link building tactics works better for brands with a well-established reputation.

Does Your Ecommerce Business Need More Quality Links?

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