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Link building is crucial for every business that needs to establish a great online presence and rank higher on Google SERPs. If done right, link building can help your small business website attract lots of traffic and boost revenue. However, doing link building is never easy as you need to apply effective tactics to achieve excellent results. If you have a small or medium business and have no idea how to build quality links for your website, then this post is for you. In today’s article, we’ll discuss the best link-building techniques for small businesses that you need to start using immediately.

  1. Support the Local Community



One underused way to build high-quality backlinks is supporting the local community. The best way to do so is by sponsoring charitable organizations. Therefore, look for organizations that you would consider sponsoring and then check if they usually have fundraising events. Then be among the first sponsors. That way, the organization will link to your site, which will give your business lots of exposure.

However, you shouldn’t sponsor just any organization. As a small business, you need to make sure you get maximum results from the sponsorship. Therefore, sponsor something your target customers would be interested in. That will increase the chances of reaching people who may be interested in visiting your website when they see its backlink.


  1. Connect with Local Bloggers


As a small or medium business, you should also make it your goal to connect with valuable influencers in your niche. You can do so by always commenting on these influencers’ posts on social media, sharing their posts, and tagging them. When it comes to comments, make sure they are valuable. This way, the influencers can see that you understand the topic and therefore feel the need to reply to you. When that happens severally, the blogger will start noticing you.

The next thing you should do is reach out to these bloggers and request to be included in their round-up posts or publish a guest post. When reaching out, ensure you properly introduce yourself. Doing this may help the influencer to remember you from your comments on their social media posts, thus increasing the chances of your request being accepted.

It’s also important that you first connect with small bloggers before connecting with the bigger ones. Their audience might not be as big, but they can help you build relevant and quality backlinks for your business website.


  1. Use Images


Images are a goldmine when it comes to building links, but not many businesses use them. Nowadays, many bloggers are always searching for high-quality and interesting images to use in their blogs. Therefore, having great images on your content can attract many readers and bloggers that want to reuse your images. After reusing the images, the bloggers must link back to your website, thus getting you free backlinks that you did not even ask for.

To get the best results from this tactic, always ensure your content contains relevant photos and infographics in your niche. However, remember that these images must be yours. You can create them if you know how or hire someone to do it for you. It might cost you a little, but it will make your content more engaging and link-worthy.

Furthermore, follow trends that are considered relevant in your industry.

  1. Apply the Skyscraper Technique


With the skyscraper technique, you look for content topics that are already bringing great results for other people, and you create better content than them. You can use a tool such as BuzzSumo to see the content that’s performing well in your niche. Once you have identified a few excellent topics, dig deeper and see what every article lacks. Lastly, research thoroughly and write more detailed, engaging, and resourceful content and publish it on your site. Doing this will help your content get more shares and backlinks from other websites in your niche that see its undeniable value.

  1. Search for Unlinked Mentions

This is another effortless way to build links for your small business website. For this method, you search for websites that have mentioned your business but haven’t linked to your site. You will be surprised by how many times your business gets mentioned online. For instance, people might see the high-quality content you created using the skyscraper technique and mention it as a good reference but not include a link to your site. So, reaching out to such websites and asking them to link back to you will help you get backlinks easily since the webmaster already knows your website.

You can use Google Alerts to help you know when your business gets mentioned online. You can then check if your site has been linked to, and if not, contact the bloggers and request a backlink.

When messaging these sites, it is crucial that you introduce yourself and briefly explain why you are reaching out. This will help to save time, especially if you have many unlinked mentions to attend to.


  1. Offer Testimonials or Case Studies


Businesses always link to businesses that participate in their case studies or provide testimonials about their products or services. However, do not contact a company’s sales rep and say that your aim of reaching out is to get a backlink to your SMB website. Instead, say that you loved their product or service and would like to be featured in a case study or give a testimony. After giving the testimony, the website will ask for your website link to include on their site for social proof. Hence, earning you a link. Also, make sure the website you approach is in your niche. That way, when their visitors see your link, they can feel the need to check out your site.


  1. Promote Your Content


Now that you have already created high-quality content for your website, you need to make sure it reaches many people. You can achieve that by sharing it on social media platforms and reposting it on Medium and LinkedIn. Such websites are more likely to rank for your target keywords than your small website. Therefore, use that to your advantage to help your content appear higher on Google search results while it’s published on these sites.

You could also join a message board such as Quora and always comment on relevant threats to your niche. Here, leave valuable comments and then ask people to follow the link to your website for more information on the same.

When doing so, make sure you link to a resourceful article. That way, the reader can read it entirely and even feel compelled to return to your site when they need valuable information on your niche.



 Doing link building for small and medium businesses can be tricky sometimes since you really need to figure out how to keep up with the stiff competition. However, having a few effective tactics in your armor and applying them correctly will enable you to get better results fast. In this article, are some of the easiest and best ways to build backlinks for small and medium businesses. Therefore, ensure you apply these tactics today to start building perfect links to your site and rank higher on SERPs.


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