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Blogger outreach can sometimes get monotonous and exhausting. However, you can’t just abandon it because it’s an excellent way to get leads, boost sales, and even increase web traffic significantly. Therefore, you need to make your blogger outreach campaign more fun so you can stick with it.

Using blogger outreach tools is one way to spice up the campaign. These tools make, doing outreach not only enjoyable but also very productive. So, what are these tools, and how they tend to help you? Keep reading to see 10 of the best blogger outreach tools you must start using today.

Let’s first define blogger outreach in case you’re not sure what it means. Blogger Outreach is the process of contacting influential bloggers in your niche to ask for a guest post opportunity or help marketing your products or services to a specific audience.

Now here are the tools:

1. BuzzStream

BuzzStream is a renowned outreach tool as it services other popular brands such as Canva, Indeed, Shopify, Airbnb, and 99 designs. You have everything you need with BuzzStream because it enables you to find influential bloggers, connect with them, and even manage your campaigns smoothly.

BuzzStream provides many email templates to help make your outreach unique and have better chances of getting a reply. You can even customise your email template on this tool.

With BuzzStream, you can get specific leads as it filters out results based on factors like the number of followers, domain authority, and even relationship status. If you like, you can save these data segments for later use.

Most BuzzStream users also insist that it makes it easier to find leads because it has a browser extension that collects social profiles and email addresses on the go, which is amazing. Or, you can use specific keywords to find influencers in your niche.

2. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is another favourite tool for many content marketers and webmasters due to the excellence it provides in getting content ideas and checking content performance on social media or different search engines.

What makes BuzzSumo outstanding is how it spots the best performing content in a certain niche. This information points you where to pitch for a link building or guest posting opportunity.

Using BuzzSumo also makes your search more specific by providing filters like:

  • The location filter- Helps create location-specific content.
  • The content performance filter- Shows the number of shares a topic has.
  • The type filter- Allows you to choose either brands or influencer sites.

So, this tool is very easy to use, making it a perfect fit for getting the right influencers faster.

3. Pitchbox

Pitchbox is one powerful blogger outreach tool that should be in every blogger’s arsenal. Being integrated with popular SEO platforms like Majestic, Moz, and SEMrush has also helped it come out strong. Below are the top functions you can perform with Pitchbox:

  • Find guest posting and link building opportunities, bloggers’ contact and website information, and social media profiles.
  • Send unique emails with personalised templates and follow up with your prospects easily around the clock.
  • Organise your emails and also analyse what’s working to see what to polish up to improve the results in the future, especially the response rate.


If you are a content marketer who hasn’t tried yet, then you probably have trust issues or just hate tools with some sort of corny titles. But seriously, this tool is among the best you will find out there, especially when it comes to sending perfect outreach emails just from your Google account. That should explain its simplicity and user-friendliness.

Also, if you want a tool that’ll enable you to schedule when to send your emails and even track those emails, then has your back.

You’ll find many experts using this tool because of its Notifier feature. This feature notifies the popular brands you’ve mentioned in your content, which helps build a connection/relationship, hence raising the chances of getting them to link back to you in the future.

5. Inkybee

Inkybee is another perfect blogger outreach software for promoting content, generating leads, and building strong relationships with leading influencers in your niche. Here’s what to expect from Inkybee:

  1. Helps you find many blogs and influencer websites where you can guest post on.
  2. Provides thousands of blogs in seconds, giving you a golden opportunity to get lots of backlinks. You can utilise the filter feature to find the right targets.
  3. Let’s you measure your exact blogger outreach progress.
  4. Allows you to save every blog’s data for later analysis.

So, Inkybee is fantastic for researching about an influencer’s engagement, inbound links, SEO metrics, social profiles and followings, and even location. Therefore, using it properly can help make every stage of your campaign more effortless and fruitful.

6. Traackr

Traackr, tracker, you see what they did there, right? Traackr is an excellent and powerful blogger outreach tool that helps to cultivate strong relationships, reach many influencers, and learn a lot about them.

You can use Traackr to find influencers in your field, pitch your ideas, and measure their impact on your brand. That way, you can easily cut off the unfruitful connections and focus on the successful ones to avoid wasting resources.

Traackr also rates every target influencer according to relevance and reach, letting you choose those you consider suitable. Its additional features include:

  • Allowing you to import contacts.
  • Conversations tracker.
  • Various filtering options.

7. Klear

Klear is among the most straightforward outreach tools for bloggers as it’s easy to use, and gets influencers quickly. That saves you time and allowing you to focus on polishing your blogger outreach strategy.

This tool helps to discover thousands of relevant targets in your niche and connect with them fast to get guest blogging opportunities. However, finding the perfect target can be quite tricky with all these results. So, Klear lets you filter the results based on influence, link builder profiles, relevance, and any other important metric you want to use.

If you’re a nerd, then Klear provides plenty of data to dig into and see what you can take advantage of to beat your competitors.

8. GroupHigh

GroupHigh is the best option when it comes to speed. It’s also owned by one of the most confident companies as they say their tool is 4faster than your ordinary outreach tool.

This unique tool fastens every part of the process, from finding target influential bloggers to contacting them to measuring their results. So, GroupHigh not only makes your outreach campaign effective but also exceeds all your expectations.

Additionally, GroupHigh grants you access to over 15 million different types of blogs. With a few filters, you can find more than enough influencer websites to guest blog.

9. Ninja Outreach

You still haven’t seen a blogger outreach with a clientele of names like Walmart, Amazon, and Disney, right? Well, here it is.

Ninja Outreach is an all-inclusive kind of blogger outreach tool as it helps you find bloggers through email and social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. Here are some things you can do with Ninja Outreach:

  1. Use keywords and locations to find business leads, including their social media profiles, email addresses, and websites.
  2. Search for contacts using exact names.
  3. Group your leads according to why you’re reaching out like “guest posting” or “link building.”
  4. Create unique templates for your campaign.
  5. Send follow-up emails.
  6. Track unique email stats such as the exact templates getting much attention and response and the kind of audience that’d be interested in your pitch to help boost the response rate.

10. Tomoson

Tomoson is among the most powerful blogger outreach tools for finding popular bloggers. All you have to do on this platform is type in your niche, and you’ll see many influencers who you can contact. You can also conduct further research on every influencer to get more data like:

  • The number of followers they have.
  • Amount of traffic.
  • Total reach.
  • Completion percentage.

Tomoson has a built-in audience which is a major factor that helps it stand out. This feature makes it easier to find influencers as they are already in the system. The main task is choosing the most suitable one for your business, according to the provided statistics.

Influencer marketing is becoming more crucial in the SEO world today because of its efficacy in driving results. You can take advantage of this trend by working with influencers in your space to help you build more links and boost traffic significantly. Also, many people trust influencer bloggers. Therefore, guest posting on an influencer’s website or receiving a backlink from there can get you lots of leads and sales because visitors can see an authority in the niche trusts you.

Using tools has proved to be an excellent way to make blogger outreach easier. This article discusses the best and most powerful blogger outreach tools out there. Try them to find one or several that will be your go-to options when conducting blogger outreach to ensure fantastic results.


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