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Exeter SEO Company: Offering inexpensive local SEO services to increase your web presence. We are a UK SEO agency working with many companies across the South West with our head office in Exeter, providing professional search engine optimisation services. Whether you have a new website that you need to push up SERP rankings or an existing website that needs to improve search engine visibility, we can help. With in-house search engine optimisation specialists who are qualified and educated, we will help improve the rankings. As a result, you'll benefit from increased web traffic and more opportunities for sales. So if your company is based in the UK's South West like Devon, Somerset, Bristol and Wales, contact us to find out if we can assist with our competitively priced optimisation services.

Content Audit

High-quality online content is an integral aspect of creating a high-level website. Generally, the easiest and most honest way to go through your organic search results is if the content is valuable and vital to the market. Using basic on-page SEO strategies, such as Header tags, your content can make your site more accessible in the SERPs. A content audit with Healthy Links will be an essential player in your SEO. It offers us the chance to test the text, structure and on-page layout of your website and to make sure that they all operate in accordance with your marketing plan. We would also look at the scope, form and sound of your voice material when editing your photos and video to take as little space as possible. We can also help you find new or specific forms of content that you can use to the fullest degree possible. Audits of the content are an essential step in every SEO project. Not only do they help you communicate more efficiently with your target client, but they also help you position as an expert and give you the edge on your rivals.

Content Optimisation

Optimisation of content is about ensuring that the advertising hits as many users as possible through the search results. It offers you the best chance to turn up in both main search results and associated searches. High traffic and high rankings depend on how well the content has been optimised. If it's done right, you are going to start gaining more organic search traffic. A large part of SEO is having an understanding of the keywords and phrases that people might use when searching online for things. It is not about choosing and using a particular keyword as many times as you can in every article you write. It's all about making sure there are always similar terms in there, and question-based keywords pick up the content as well.

SEO Audit

Our SEO audits, as we have said, dig deep, looking at all the hidden and technical information on your site. Once the full audit is complete, in an easy-to-understand report, we will provide you with the results and the crawl data. Our SEO support service can then help make the required changes to your own web team, or our own in-house developers can get started immediately. This is what our audit to SEO will cover:

Meta Titles

Meta Descriptions

URL Structure

Index Coverage Status

404 Errors

Broken Internal Links

Broken External Links

HTML Sitemaps

XML Sitemaps

Schema Markup

Structured Data

Domain Authority

Domain Age

Broken Backlinks

New Backlinks

Lost Backlinks

Social Media Analysis

Citation Analysis

Google Analytics

Google Search Console

Google Tag Manager

Google Algorithm Updates

Page Speed & Performance

Bounce Rate

Mobile Optimisation

User Journeys

Exit Pages

Goals & Conversions

Keyword Research

Content & Media Serving

Duplicate Content

Landing Pages

Page Level Analysis

What is SEO?

The key to their success is to ensure that your website has useful and valuable content on its pages. And with Google putting more emphasis on consistency and user-friendly content, it's crucial that the Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO) is in place. Your website needs to satisfy the demands of the rising, most competitive search engines out there for the organic searches to skyrocket. It should be well designed and built without user restrictions and have the values and integrities with which Google, Yahoo, and Bing wish to associate. Bundle all of these together and create the vital components needed in the search engine results pages ( SERPs) to increase your rankings. In doing so, you can prevent any fines for bugs that might devalue the platform and see it fall down the SERPs. With a full Healthy Links SEO audit, we can identify any issues that may affect your rise to the top of the SERPs. We will see what 's going on by crawling and indexing every image and every bit of content inside your website. We will then fix any problems and ensure that the platform follows the standards of Google's webmasters. Our expertise and knowledge in SEO have helped us to work on some large and complex sites with key brands and businesses. And we will do just the same for you. Using insights and advice, we will design site architectures from the ground up to show and produce improved outcomes for you.

Backlink Analysis

Backlinks on your site play a significant role as one of the essential parts of SEO ranking. Credible backlinks will affect your ranking positively. But poor or low backlinks will be detrimental and will do nothing for you other than pull the SERPs down. It is crucial to understand the pros and cons of your site backlinks when rankings are pivotal to your success. If your backlink game is strong, there is a good chance that your place in the organic search results will be high. If for any reason it is weak or downright bad, it will put a dampener on the performance of your site and its rankings. That is why our study of the backlink tests their strengths and possible weaknesses. We will provide you with the data that we need by:

Finding and removing any bad, corrupt, or damaging links across your site

Raising your backlink profile while avoiding algorithm or manual penalties

Providing a plan for getting the right types of backlinks for your SEO

Our Exeter SEO Services

Our SEO services are all designed to build your brand's authority which will increase your traffic over time. We know authority building is what delivers results. We can help you get more traffic, leads and sales online through our proven strategies. We see SEO as a form of engineering, and it's all about using the right blueprint to for your industry to see results - which is why we'll tailor a custom SEO strategy that will work correctly for your business.

On-page Search Engine Optimisation

Audit, Keyword Research &
on-page optimisation

Before starting any project, you need to make sure that you have the right foundation. Otherwise, you may just be building on top of something that will eventually crumble. With our SEO audit, we'll be able to identify all SEO issues that need fixing on your website. Our keyword research will determine how to bring the right customers through the terms they are using to find your products and services. We'll make sure that you're using the right keywords, metadata, correct site architecture, healthy backlinks and the list goes on!

Link Building

Link Building, Digital PR
& Blogger Outreach

This is the second stage of SEO once all the on-page aspects have been completed. Link building digital PR and blogger outreach are methods that will be used to establish your websites authority. This is so if a search engine all of sudden discovers authoritative and relevant sites linking to you, the search engine is going to see your website as important which will increase your keyword rankings. Our tactics are based on content marketing and getting your brand out there on popular blogs, magazines and news sites.

Content Creation

Content Creation

Content creation is the ultimate practice for good SEO. When you create quality content, you're providing legitimate and valuable information to your audience, thereby potentially attracting and retaining your customers to your website. It's also a great way to optimise your site to rank for more competitive keywords. Our dedicated team of experienced and talented, native speaking writers specialise in crafting content for your brand and then distribute it to your audience through our content marketing strategy.

Local SEO

Local SEO & Citations

Local citation building is crucial for local SEO and will make your business discoverable on search engines by potential customers in your local area. The best way to do this is by submitting contact information about your business onto local directories. Each business citation or listing provides an opportunity for your local business to be found by online customers. The more citations your business has from quality sites, the more accurate and trustworthy it's considered by Google - increasing the chances of ranking higher and beating your competitors.

Client Case Studies

Case Study One

Organic traffic results for a door company that just started. Our SEO strategy was based on creating valuable content people that people were actively searching for and publishing articles on authoritative and relevant websites which would link back to our client. We saw them grow from zero to competing with stores like Travis Perkins and Screwfix. They've told us their phone rings every five minutes with new inbound leads which is astonishing.

Case study results #1

Case Study Two

Traffic for an ecommerce store that was struggling to get organic traffic. The issue we found was their keywords weren't correctly implemented and needed stronger backlinks. They also initially followed blackhat SEO techniques which we helped them recover from by disavowing unhealthy backlinks.

Case study results #2

Case Study Three

Recent traffic for a garden shed company that just started. After two months of doing their SEO we saw them climb the ranks for popular keywords like plastic sheds. Now they're receiving approximately 500 visitors per day.

Case study results #3
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