How to Think of New Content Ideas

20 October, 2018
How to Think of New Content Ideas

Having a fantastic idea for new content is right at the heart of any content marketing campaign. The excitement that you have about the content is what makes it easier for you to sustain a long period of creating the content and it is the best part of what makes your audience share the content you provide them.

The thing is that there comes a time when you are unable to create new and exciting content.

You feel saturated and you start putting in a lot of time and effort into content that is old and simply just bad. It has the potential of being very detrimental for your business because you are risking boring your audience. You know that it is the death of your website if you create content that bores your audience, right? You never want to lose your credibility in front of your ideas. It will put you and your company at risk. If you think that you are done with all the possible new ideas, we are going to tell you to think again.

At Healthy Links, we believe that there is always a possibility to create new and exciting content. You just need to use the right tools when your own brain feels it has had enough. Here are some of the best ideas on how to think of new content ideas so that you keep pumping out fresh and exciting content for your audience.

Brian Deans Skyscraper Technique

A lot of people do not know about it but the Brian Dean Skyscraper technique is one very effective way that you can come up with new content ideas. It’s actually as simple as three steps that you need to follow:

1. Find the top performing content in your industry.

2. Create better content for your company based on improving on the content that your competitor is making.

3. Get a bunch of people to link the new content that you are creating. It is pretty simple. Don’t think that it is easier said than done. It is actually as simple as we’ve put it forth for you. It is a proven technique that has been known to work very well. You do not even have to be an expert in the SEO industry to use this technique and work wonders for your website’s success and exposure.


Buzzsumo recognizes the need for excellent content when it comes to your digital marketing strategy. It offers you the capability to come up with exciting new topics for the content that you want to create for your audience. In order to create exciting new content for your audience, there are two main ways that you can utilize Buzzsumo:

1. Keyword based search

2. Domain based search

Keyword based research involves you typing in the most relatable keywords for the content on your own website. Buzzsumo will provide you some search results based on the keywords. It helps when you use content driven keywords for instance, instead of typing “luxury travel” if you type “luxury travel guide”, you will get better results that you can use to create better content for your own website.

In a similar manner, you can make use of domain based searches. Instead of running keywords through the Buzzsumo search, you can type in domain names and find good content from those domains. It helps to use the domain based research after you find domains through the keyword based research. It will allow you to delve deeper into the content that the relevant domains have based on your keyword research allowing you to get access to the most useful content.

Utilizing the Buzzsumo tool is one of the simplest things you can do when you yourself are running out of creative new ideas. Using both types of searches for ideas to create new content through Buzzsumo will give you access to some of the most wonderful ideas. Using this tool, you will realise that there’s still a lot more you can do in terms of new ideas for your content.

Google Trends

Another amazing way to come up with new ideas for content creation is through the utilization of Google Trends. It is a proprietary tool made by the biggest search engine in the world to help people looking to create the most relevant content for their own search results. Google Trends essentially helps by allowing you to see the relevance of specific terms and how popular they are over the internet. The reason why it is so useful has to do with the fact that it shows you data directly in correlation to the searches that Google itself processes every day.

Whenever particular keywords are used more frequently, it sees a spike. This spike is considered to be a Google Trend. Using simple Google searches and Google trends will allow you to stay atop all the latest trends. It will allow you to be aware of the popularity of keywords over a period of time. You can use this information to come up with creative new ideas for your content.

Final Thoughts

Once you start using these methods to come up with new ideas, you will be pumping out exciting new content for your audience again in no time. For more information why not give healthy links a call.