How To Think Of New Content Ideas

How To Think Of New Content Ideas

Having a fantastic idea for new content is right at the heart of any content marketing campaign. The excitement makes it easier for you to sustain a long period of creating the content and it also results in you creating quality content that engages your reader. The thing is there is a time when you get stuck in a rut and you are unable to create new and exciting content. You know that it is the death of your website if you create content that bores your audience, right? If you think that you are done with all the possible new ideas… think again. We believe that there is always a possibility to create new and exciting content. Use these techniques when you’re in a creative rut and you need to generate some new ideas fast.

Brian Dean’s Skyscraper Technique

This is one very effective way to come up with new content ideas.

It’s simple:

  1. Find the top performing content in your niche
  2. Create better content by improving the content that your competitor is making.
  3. Get a bunch of people to link to the new content you are creating.

You don’t need to be an SEO industry expert to use this proven technique and work wonders for your site.


Buzzsumo aids in your brainstorming of new topics. There are two main ways you can utilise Buzzsumo:

1 – Keyword-based search

You type in keywords relating to the content on your site and Buzzsumo will then provide you with search results based on the keywords. You can then use these keywords to generate new ideas relating to your site.

2 – Domain-based search

Instead of keywords, you can run domain names through Buzzsumo and find good content from those domains.

Google Trends

Google Trends allows you to see what’s popular on the internet. It shows you data that is in direct correlation to the search Google itself processes every day. Google sees frequently searched keywords and considers them to be a spike. Trends will allow you to stay on top of the popularity of different keywords over time and use this information to come up with creative content.

Final Thoughts

Once you start using these methods to come up with new ideas, you will be pumping out exciting new content for your audience again in no time. Need help with thinking of new ideas? Send us a message on!