What is Guest Posting and Blogger Outreach

Guest posting refers to writing an article, then publishing it on another blog, or website with the owner’s permission. The article is usually published with your site’s link hence giving you a backlink that allows the article to reach a bigger audience.

Blogger outreach is reaching out to other bloggers, and building a healthy relationship with them to help you exchange links and blogs to promote your brand, services, and content.

Guest posting and blogger outreach are great tactics as they can help to increase your business’s exposure, and even enable your site to rank higher on Google search results. Here’s a definitive guide to help you understand more about how these two usually work, and how to go about them. So, keep reading to find out.

Link Analysis

Link analysis is the first vital step that you must take. To rank your website high, Google looks at the number of sites linking back to you. If there are many doing so, then Google automatically knows that your website produces valuable content and that most people love it hence ranking you on top search results. However, Google also looks at where your backlinks are coming from, which is where link analysis comes in. Link analysis allows you to measure a site’s domain quality hence enabling you to determine whether it’s good or spammy. Having backlinks from spammy sites can affect your ranking, or even cause penalties.

So, how do you determine whether a domain is good for you?

Moz and Majestic are the two best software that has received much popularity when it comes to measuring a site’s domain authority. Using them allows you to see a website’s authority hence enabling you to determine whether it’s a good pick for you. These tools also help you to see if a site is spammy. If a website has a 10% spammy score, or even more, then avoid it.

You should also check a site’s C-Class IP. The C-Class IP refers to the first three sections of a site’s IP address. So, if your analysed site has a C-Class IP that resembles any of your previous backlinks, then you must avoid using it. Why? If these IPs match, then Google might think they are from the same server, and that you’re running a private blog network hence penalising you.

Outreach to other bloggers

Blogger Outreach is usually a simple process since all you have to do is contact individual bloggers or publishers, then pitch to them the article you want to be published on their site. So, you have to Google the sites that are related to your niche to help you get more relevant backlinks.

The easiest way to get a list of websites that are interested in guest posting is entering – inurl:guest-post + your niche. So, if you are in the health niche, then you’ll Google “inurl: guest-posting + health.” Doing so provides a list of websites that you can pitch for a guest post. You can reach out to any blog, but the ones that state they accept guest posts are the best, as they have a higher acceptance rate of pitches.

After finding a list of potential sites, use tools like Ninja Outreach, or Buzzstream to simplify your outreach, and increase the chances of it being more successful. There are many ways that you can pitch. However, the best and more professional approach is sending a simple pitch, that won’t waste the publisher’s time trying to understand your request. So, it is best that you only introduce yourself, then request a guest post opportunity, including your article’s title. Also, remember to state that you will need a backlink after writing your essay. Doing so helps the publisher to determine whether your content is fit for his blog and respond accordingly. If the publisher accepts your pitch, then you can start crafting your article.

Writing Your Article

The quality of your article is hugely vital as it determines if it will be published. So, you have to ensure your content is unique and valuable to help increase the approval rate. Also, some bloggers might have specific instructions on how they like articles on their site to be. So, ask if there are any special guidelines that you need to follow when writing your article, then evaluate them to see whether you can handle that.

After writing, you must use tools like Grammarly and Copyspace to help you check for grammatical errors and any plagiarism. Doing so enables you to deliver real gold work that the blogger will find irresistible.

Anchor Text

After writing the content, you need to insert a link that will redirect the reader to your website. It would be best if you hyperlinked in a specific keyword in your article while making sure that it’s relevant to your site, and also to the content you are writing. You can also link to a secondary hyperlink. Doing so helps to improve your backlink’s quality hence making it a great trick.

Publishing and Building Your Link

This is usually the final stage where you submit your article to the publisher. The publisher then goes through your work then informs you if it has been accepted. Also, the blogger might charge you some editing and publishing fee. After making all the vital negotiations, the publisher then sends you the backlink, which you can now use to improve your site’s rankings.

The Benefits of Guest Posting and Blogger Outreach

1. The Guest Post Will Be Relevant to The Site You’re Ranking

Doing so increases the chances of getting more visits hence allowing your website to get more noticed by Google.

2. It Will Contain Keywords That You’re Trying to Rank For

Guest posting using specific keywords helps to boost your SEO, thus allowing your website to rank even higher for those keywords.

3. You Get to Choose the Anchor Texts and URLs

When guest posting, you have the freedom to choose the anchor texts and links to use. That way, you can easily target specific keywords, and also place those links at certain points that you’re more guaranteed the reader will click and be directed to your site.

4. You Have Control Over Which Sites You Want to Guest Post On

For guest posting, you get the chance to research on different websites and determine which is more likely to bring better results. That way, you can choose one that’s more relevant to your niche, thus increasing the chances of getting more traffic.

5. Increases Your Brand’s Exposure Online

Guest posting enables you to get mentions often from sites where your articles are published. Doing so helps make your brand and site more popular hence increasing traffic.

6. You Can Gain Traffic from Your Guest Posts and Potentially Convert Them into Leads

Guest posts help to gain a lot of traffic, primarily if your article is published in popular blogs and websites. You can take advantage of this traffic to advertise your brand more on your website, so when visitors land on your site, they can see what you offer. Doing so helps market your services better, and can also boost your sales significantly.


As you can see from this article, there’s a lot to know about Guest posting and blogger outreach. So, make sure you understand every detail here and implement it accurately. That way, you can also see the benefits of active guest posting and blogger outreach, and help rank your site higher too.