Case Study: Click Pharmacy #1

Click Pharmacy specialises in dispensing pharmaceutical drugs conveniently online. Using the information provided by their customers, their registered pharmacists assess and dispense at
competitive prices in the UK. The company is based in London and provides swift service. The company has been trading since August 2018. Click Pharmacy’ s mission statement is to “make prescriptions faster and convenient for patients”.


ON-Page Factors
To start off, we focussed on optimising the sites HTML to, so all of the pages are user-friendly and have the correct headings implemented ( H1, H2, H3, etc).

We also ensured that:
•All images had ALT tags
•Page’s content was correctly implemented
•Page speed was optimal
•Page speed was optimal
•Website is mobile friendly

Keyword Research & Implementation
We focussed on targetting ‘buy’ keywords, so Click Pharmacy only gained visitors who were looking to buy their medication,

The reason why we also targetted these types of keywords is due to the search volumes these keywords have. We implemented these keywords into the headings, page content, meta titles & met descriptions.

Ensuring the business is genuine

When presenting a business online & optimising for search engines. We needed to ensure that Click Pharmacy’s presence was as genuine as possible especially due to them being an online pharmacy their nature of business. So we made sure that these factors were in place:

A company bio with a company story & what the business does
Certifications that this is a genuine pharmacy
Avoiding stock images as this may show that this isn’t a real business
Showing that the pharmaceuticals come from registered manufacturers

Internal Linking
This is a massive ranking factor that Click Pharmacy was missing upon launch. We linked this together as many pages as we could so the user could correctly navigate between relevant sources on the website.


As you know, link building is an important ranking factor. The best method we found for link building is called blogger outreach – which involves bloggers publishing articles that would link to the domain we want to rank.

For Click Pharmacy, we came up with an offpage/blogger outreach strategy that fit with Google’s then recently released YMYL update which affected many health sites that weren’t genuine.

The reason why this update was released was due to the many non-health professionals immorally giving health advice on their blogs that they weren’t qualified for. So Google cracked down on these bloggers and negatively affect ed many sites that were doing this.

So our approach was to avoid outreaching to bloggers in the health sector to build links and instead, focus our content towards travel and lifestyle platforms to further our reach to reputable websites.

One example of an article we would write and publish would be: “What to pack when traveling to Asia?”

To ensure we can advise our audience to and plug Click Pharmacy by mentioning ‘Click Pharmacy recommends that you bring an Epi-Pen with you on your travels’ In the round-up paragraph.

We also target the paragraph to the ‘Travel’ genre and contains content related to what an EpiPen does. This is because Google looks at the surrounding content of the anchor text to ensure that the link itself is relevant. After implementing this process with Click Pharmacy and within a month we saw positive results. Follow these four core principles within your link building process and the results will start reflecting in relevancy, authority in the industry, backlink quality and popularity –ensuring the website will receive high click rates and traffic.

Our Results

Click Pharmacy received a tremendous increase in website traffic each month. below shows a graph on how much their traffic has increased since we started working with them.