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10 Blogger Outreach Tools You Should Use Today

Blogger outreach can sometimes get monotonous and exhausting. However, you can’t just abandon it because it’s an excellent way to get leads, boost sales, and even increase web traffic significantly. Therefore, you need to make your blogger outreach campaign more fun...

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Web Crawl Budget and the Myths Surrounding it

SEO is a huge field with many myths surrounding it. Web crawl budget is one critical SEO part many people don’t understand properly hence the misinformation you see on the internet today. Many website owners know you shouldn’t waste your crawl budget if you want...

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What is Guest Posting and Blogger Outreach

Guest posting refers to writing an article, then publishing it on another blog, or website with the owner’s permission. The article is usually published with your site’s link hence giving you a backlink that allows the article to reach a bigger audience. Blogger...

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Google Core Update – January 13th 2020

A Google core update has rolled out last night which has affected many site rankings, positively and negatively. So if you see a sudden change in your rankings, it's most likely due to this update. This update is based upon your page's content relevancy and authority....

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What Is Link Building?

The internet is a dynamic entity. Since its inception, it has been evolving, expanding its horizons to endless possibilities, and the value we can derive from the opportunities the internet presents. For instance, we are no longer bound by geographical limitations....

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Case Study: Click Pharmacy #1

Click Pharmacy specialises in dispensing pharmaceutical drugs conveniently online. Using the information provided by their customers, their registered pharmacists assess and dispense at competitive prices in the UK. The company is based in London and provides swift...

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